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Nine Ways for Sexy Grant Writers to Cool It

I have a theory, it’s Sexy grant Writers who are responsible for global warming. I can’t scientifically prove it, but when it’s hot, a sexy grant writer is bound to be right in the middle of things. Planning ahead can help a sexy grant writer and their partner stay cool when it’s sultry.

Here are nine tips for staying cool when the sun of grant writing sexiness is just too bright.

  • Conference call with your client behind slices of cucumber on your eyes.
  • Buy the bendy straws and sip lemonade in your hammock.
  • Edit under your mister.
  • Get your honey to rub an ice cube on the back of your neck.
  • Lick your favorite popsicle.
  • Dictate from the pool, to the pool boy.
  • Slurp up a cold double scoop.
  • Build your budget au natural.
  • Slip and slide between drafts.

There are lots of ways to cool off when you’re a smokin’ hot sexy grant writer, but it’s an ongoing challenge. Keep a list of suggestions for cooling off handy and never run out of ice because let’s face it, you sexy grant writers are going to melt a lot of hearts (and glaciers).

Photo Credit: Belovodchenko Anto

When a Sexy Grant Writer Loses their Vitality It’s Time to Re-Tool

Sometimes it’s tough to be sexy. It’s tough to look your best all the time, especially when you’re stuck behind a computer for 14 hours cranking out a brilliant narrative.

Here are some tips for keeping that sexy grant writer shape. If you follow these tips, you’re bound to look and feel sexier. (Of course we offer the standard disclaimer that before undertaking any physical exercise routine, check with your doctor to make sure you’re physically capable and not going to suffer unexpected side effects like keeling over).

  1. Stop eating European salads and eat local, fresh, and as much leafy green stuff as you can fit on your plate.
  2. Start an exercise routine and make it something you like.  It does not have to be rigorous, just make sure it relaxes, make it regular, and make it a routine.
  3. Each time you in-grow (shrink out of) your clothes, go to the Goodwill and give them away (out-grow is a word, so there must be an in-grow).
  4. Weigh in every week without fail to monitor your weight and each time you are at the drug store check your blood pressure.
  5. Take care of your back. A strong core is the foundation for a healthy back so work those abs.  Learn to do crunches while you walk.  It takes a little practice but then you get double benefit from your walking!
  6. Avoid the computer slump and hump.  Every couple of hours get up and put your hands on each side of a doorway and gently stretch your shoulders out, stand up straight and pull your shoulder blades together.
  7. Drink lots of water!  It not only keeps your skin young and your organs functioning well, it will make you get up to run to the bathroom every couple of hours (see #6 while you’re up!)

That sexy grant writer shape of yours is important to maintain!  It takes work and effort to sculpt that physique that’ll make people say “You’re Funded!”