Little Know Facts about Sexy Grant Writers

Little Known Facts about Grant Writers In an effort to bring greater transparency to the field of grant writing, here is a short list of things you may not know about a grant writer. While each of these is not true of all grant writers, we imagine that many of them apply to most grant writers. Sexy Grant Writers are mysterious people like this man standing in the desert with his arms outstretched.

1. We sometimes write proposals in our bunny slippers

a. We have bunny slippers

2. We always put the roll on over, not under

a. We always put the seat down

3. We can’t ignore the chocolate in the cupboard or the pie in the fridge (they call to us)

4. We’re lobbying for a Pulitzer to be given in grant writing

5. We sometimes read narrative drafts in the bath tub

a. Sometimes we just sing “Evergreen” (Love Theme from “A Star is Born”)

6. We sometimes take your phone call on the 9th green

a. The phone always rings on our backstroke

7. Our blood pressure spikes 12 hours before a deadline

a. We eat oatmeal to keep our blood pressure down (or just put some in the bath water)

8. We have an unreasonable paranoia about signature pages

Grant writers are a curious lot. We like people, but we work alone. We dislike writing restrictions and yet we follow restrictions carefully. To know us is to love us!

Photo Credit – Troy Stoi
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