Color Me Giants Orange!

A guy painting himself orange.Watching the last out of the World Series just never gets old for me.  I love watching a bunch of grown men going wild like a bunch of little league-ers who were told they’re getting pizza and ice cream after the game.  The old Wide World of Sports saying, “…the thrill of victory, the agony of defeat” is why I watch, it’s what I love about sports the most.  It is borrowed exhilaration, but it’s real none-the-less.  I feel like jumping around with them even though I did nothing but sit on the couch.  Most of the year, I am not a baseball fan, but just as each March I become a college basketball fan, each October I become a baseball fan.

I can still have some of that exhilaration by getting a grant funded.  I get to do a victory lap around the office, I get to call a client and give them the good news unless they hear it first.  I get to high five people and ask them “who’s your daddy?”  (not out loud)

Grant writing is competition.  It’s a thrill to win and it’s agony to lose.  But it still gives you a spark of excitement like those pre-game jitters in high school football.  I recall game day Friday was a thrill every week.  All the guys had to wear shirts and ties to school and after school we’d go to the burger joint down the street with the big bullfrog out front.  Our cross-county rivals would vandalize the frog by painting it red each fall, then we’d paint it green again and whip them on the field for daring to abuse our frog.  If we didn’t win on the scoreboard we’d whip them in a bench-clearing brawl; one way or the other we’d defend our frog’s honor.

Fortunately our rival grant writers don’t vandalize our frogs or anything so we never have a bench clearing brawl with them.  But we’re in competition, we all work hard to prepare and we give our best effort on the field (desk) and at the end of the game (grant award time) there are winners (the funded) and losers (the un-funded).  The excitement of grant competitions is what makes it interesting to be a grant writer, it is what makes it challenging, and for me, the challenge just never gets old!

Grant competitions are the World Series for grant writers, now that’s sexy!