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Top Seven Ways to Spot a Sexy Grant Editor

An important aspect of being a successful grant writer is finding a great editor.  A sexy grant writer can’t use just any editor, consistency demands that we use a sexy editor or we risk writing that is horribly – shall we say, uninspired. Face it, sexiness meshes well with sexiness, so choose a sexy grant editor or you risk throwing water on your sparks.

The sexiness of an editor may be subtle so we’ve come up with some hints to help you spot one.

  1. Behind Jordana eyewear, a sexy grant editor can tell you how awful your draft is while you eat it up like hand-fed sweet grapes lying on a chaise by the pool at Bellagio.
  2. Sipping a triple shot non-fat soy latte after 24 hours of writing you’re rigidly riveted by a lecture on appropriate use of the comma splice.
  3. You enjoy her description of your parallel structure as hideously parabolic while your chin rests on your hands admiring her Nude-As-Naked toenails showing through her Pikolinos Maracaibo’s.
  4. You love how her yummy peach-tinged lipstick matches the highlighter she painted all over your grant narrative.
  5. It’s titillating how she tugs on your dangling participles and her insistence on grinding out active copy is not negotiable.
  6. Grant writers at 24 Hour Fitness comment on your renewed motivation to narrow your margins and trim your ending.
  7. The scalloped fringe of her Dolce&Gabbana dress makes the fact that your program design is completely unintelligible an entirely enjoyable revelation.

You must be prepared for a little rough treatment when you share your narrative with a sexy grant editor but why choose bland when sexy is more interesting?