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Charge an Ethical Fee

Grant writing fees can be contentious. Some people think all consultants are overpaid, others think we’re sexy and worth our weight in gold. But being paid well is not the same as charging unethical fees.girl with boat on head

Here are some points to consider in setting fees:

  • Does it make you feel good?
  • Do you communicate what you will do for your fee?
  • Do you deliver a satisfying experience?
  • Is there a happy ending for your client?
  • Are your talents on display throughout performance of the service?
  • Are you ashamed to talk about how much you make?
  • Will there be bad publicity if your fees are talked about?
  • Did you do anything the client did not expect?
  • Does your contract protect both of you?
  • Is your client using someone else’s money to pay you?
  • Does your client leave your office out the side door?

Some grant writers charge a percentage of the grant and others write the grant in exchange for the evaluation: neither practice is considered ethical

Ethical grant writers are sexy.