Taking the Long View of Grant Writing as a Career

Ahh, it’s good to be a writer.  It is a skill you get better at with practice and attention to detail.  Over time my writing should improve, so my rising age is not a deterrent.  If, for instance, I was a professional athlete in most sports, I’d already be a good ten years past being employable.  Yes, even most professional golfers fade away by the time they’re 40.  But as a writer, I can keep at it until I no longer have anything to say.man sitting on a railing of a dock, looking out over the water.

Writing is a good skill to have, it pays.  It may not pay as much as a professional athlete.  But may is not the right word, grant writing does not pay like pro sports.  I’m not saying it should, it just doesn’t.  The upshot for me is I need to keep earning over a lifetime. The money I am able to save isn’t likely to produce enough interest to support me in my old age.  So long as I can write though, I can produce an income for many years to come.

So I look at working with a long view in mind.  I have no intention of retiring, I have no hobbies interesting enough to keep me sane for twenty to thirty years of retirement.  Writing is my main hobby, then computer graphics and photography.  These are interests that keep me working and earning and I enjoy doing them even in my time off.  I have trouble finding the time to do enough of any of them to satisfy me.

Yes it is good to be a writer and it’s good to enjoy what you’re doing.  If you can do what you enjoy and get paid for it, stay put, because that’s your niche!  That’s where I am as a grant writer, in my niche, nestled, and comfortable.

Now that’s sexy!