Top Seven Reasons that Sexy Grant Writers Love Dessert

Let’s face it, a good meal can be turned into a great one with the right dessert.  Admit it, you deserve something extra special now and then. Desserts can pamper your inner sexiness and here are ten good reasons why.Sexy Grant Writers love dessert - pretty woman at dinner with wine

1)      Tiramisu is like an approval letter in your mouth.

2)      Crème brulee is like a tough-shelled client who’s really sweet underneath.

3)      A banana split is one of our new years resolutions – it’s there, eat more fruit!

4)      Chocolate decadence cake keeps us awake for those late nights.

5)      Strawberry shortcake is perfect for editing drafts.

6)      Apple pie a la mode is like an excellent collaborative.

7)      Whipped cream is good on a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g.

Sharing a gourmet dessert with that special Grant Writer to complete the perfect meal is sexy.

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Photo Credit: Juanita De Paola